[OpenStack Foundation] openstack swift performance question

dboyzhong dboyzhong at 163.com
Fri Oct 10 12:39:28 UTC 2014

    i am a newer software engineer on swift, i made a performance test againest swift , and i found the performance is worse when i PUT 1KB data to cluster, the QPS is only 16/s, i want to know why the performance is not good when the data is small. bellow is the detail:

1) Computer:  Inter Xeon 2.5G  4 core,   8G Memory an  1TB xfs harddisk(7.2K, SATA)
2) OS : Centos 6.5
3) swift cluster across 4 computer and each computer setup all of swift services.
4) every proxy server configure 8 workers
5)every object server configure 8 workers
6)test suite:  swift-bench
7)swift-bench configure 10 concurrency threads. test 1000 times on 1KB data
8)using nginx for load banlance
9)using keystone for auth

test result:
PUT:           16.7/s
GET:            82.3/s
DELETE:     65.4/s

can you give me a official test result? and can you explain why my test is so bad?
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