[OpenStack Foundation] Today's WSJ article <-- Alternatives to RHEL?

Dave Nielsen dnielsen at gmail.com
Wed May 14 20:17:48 UTC 2014

My point is that if enterprise customers expect RHEL-level VM support, then
non-Red Hat OpenStack vendors are in a tough spot if they can't offer that.

Before I go any further, does anyone know what % of the enterprise market
is "open" to using an OpenStack implementation for its private/hybrid
cloud? Is 80% reasonable? Also, what % of the enterprise market is heavily
dependent on RHEL-level support and unlikely to use an OpenStack distro
that can't offer it? Is 20% of enterprise market reasonable?

If so, then Red Hat's private cloud market opportunity is 80% while the
rest of the OpenStack distros opportunity is only 60% combined.

This could be damaging for OpenStack as a whole b/c it makes non-Red Hat
OpenStack vendors less competitive against OpenStack alternatives, which
they might lose to now .... unless an alternative to RHEL-level support

Does this make sense? Or am I missing something?


On Wed, May 14, 2014 at 1:10 PM, Boris Renski <b at renski.com> wrote:

> I don't want to speak on behalf of RH, but, to my knowledge, the decision
> about supporting or not supporting RHEL on various virtualization platforms
> is a technology decision, not a go-to-market decision. Neither does Red Hat
> explicitly refuse to do so, they just don't do it right now.
> In offering guest support for RHEL, RH has to do backwards compatibility
> testing for all releases of RHEL dating 13 years back on that particular
> virtualization platform. This is technologically challenging thus RH would
> only invest in it if there is a clear revenue potential for RHEL on that
> platform. RHEL on Amazon and vCenter - potential is clear. RHEL on Mirantis
> OpenStack or Piston OpenStack - maybe not so mcuh... this may look ugly on
> the outside, but there is actually merit to this.
> -Boris
> On Wed, May 14, 2014 at 3:55 PM, Michael Pittaro <mikeyp at lhrc.com> wrote:
>> I felt obliged to add a comment on the article re: the organization
>> and sponsorhip of the Summit.  The article sure made it sound like a
>> RedHat event to anyone unfamiliar with OpenStack and the Foundation.
>> mike
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