[OpenStack Foundation] The two types of interoperability

Russell Bryant rbryant at redhat.com
Thu Feb 6 23:36:23 UTC 2014

On 02/06/2014 05:21 PM, Boris Renski wrote:
> Interop is a good goal. However, I frankly don't see us ever achieving
> "total interoperability" by exclusively relying on trademark enforcement
> as leverage. 
> The only path I see currently towards the type of interop that would
> allow for workload federation across providers is if there was an
> upstream project, whereby various providers would proactively write and
> maintain connectors into a central auth system... kinda like an
> "openstack native rightscale." Those deploying openstack on-prem would
> then be able to leverage this module to federate on-prem environment
> with all the providers that have a functional driver. I.e. just like you
> have multiple storage provider drivers to cinder, we need services
> providers to write and maintain drivers against something in OpenStack.
> I've seen discussions and even blueprints on federated keystone in the
> past, but am not sure how much progress has been made... Thierry maybe
> you know more?
> I.e. there has to be a technology solution to back up administrative
> action. Not just trademarks and definitions. 
> Thoughts? 

Federation is interesting, too.  However, I think you can have what I
would consider total interop without federation.

As a user, I just want to be able to point my application at a different
cloud (with a different set of credentials) and have it work and behave
the same way.  There's no federation needed to achieve that.

The OpenStack project itself is a huge consumer of OpenStack clouds via
the infrastructure project.  They shouldn't have to do special casing
for which cloud they're talking to, yet they do.

Russell Bryant

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