[OpenStack Foundation] The two types of interoperability

Eric Windisch eric at windisch.us
Wed Feb 5 18:01:36 UTC 2014

> My instinct would be to start with the set of APIs which are already
> interoperable between the highest profile OpenStack clouds and build a
> campaign around enlarging the set of APIs every release without damaging
> the size of the interoperable ecosystem.

By focusing on the greatest common denominator, you're focusing
specifically on backing those with the deepest pockets and the greatest
ability to execute. While there are some benefits to this, and it is true
that those with the biggest pockets are most likely to contribute back to
the community, the biggest detriment is that it damages the ecosystem by
potentially setting the bar too high for the smaller companies.

I'd rather start with the set of APIs which are "necessary and vital". That
is to say to define "core" per its purest definition, those things that
are, in fact, core. Standardize those things that are necessary for
interoperability because without them, the cloud just doesn't work. Don't
enforce those behaviors that are "wants", rather than "needs".

Such a process would focus on the merit of the API functionality rather
than the merit of the money behind its sponsors.

Eric Windisch
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