[OpenStack Foundation] DefCore Update on Designated Sections, please disccuss/+1

Rob_Hirschfeld at Dell.com Rob_Hirschfeld at Dell.com
Fri Aug 22 15:24:12 UTC 2014

Tim - sorry for the slow response (inline).  Great questions.  The purpose of making Havana Advisory is to flush out these exact issues.

> As regards "Havana Keystone is not designated", does this mean that I can have an OpenStack(tm) cloud without having a Keystone compatible API ?

No.  DefCore has Capabilities (API requirements) and Designated Code.  This is just the code part.

> If it is just the requirement for API compatibility, should this not be that it has no designated code.

I'm not sure with the double negative.  If there is no designated code, then those capabilities are API only.  That could change over the course of several releases as the project matures.

> If it is actually not required, can the other components function fully without Keystone ? I would hope to be able to point a standard CLI such as nova at an OpenStack (tm) cloud and for it to work.

There was a thread about this.  Apparently we have a Keystone v2 API test gap.  Unfortunately, we're limited by the tests that are available and we'll have to test Keystone by inference.

> This may reflect that some clouds have alternative identity implementations but I am not aware if they are API compatible yet.

Without tests, it's impossible to tell.  Since we know that clouds have alternative implementations, it would create a problem to require them to implement the code.  

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