[OpenStack Foundation] OpenStack core and interoperability

Mark McLoughlin markmc at redhat.com
Thu Oct 31 14:52:50 UTC 2013

On Thu, 2013-10-31 at 07:41 -0700, Monty Taylor wrote:
> There is a VERY specific and strong reason why this is not the approach,
> and that's because it disincentivies people from working on OpenStack
> itself. We already have the problem with Neutron where not enough
> companies are working on the core of neutron because they're all only
> working on their vendor plugins. If OpenStack all of a sudden became a
> set of interfaces, then the goal of an Open cloud would, I'm pretty
> certain, become lost.

Rob talks about using having three tools - our culture, our velocity and
our trademark. The first two could be as effective at having people
choose to use OpenStack itself rather than a compatible implementation
of its interfaces.

I could see us having two trademark programs "OpenStack Cloud" - where
you know that the provider is running a "faithful implementation" of
OpenStack code - and "OpenStack Compatible Cloud" - where you just know
the provider is compatible with the interfaces.

I'd see having "OpenStack Compatible Cloud" as the first priority.

If we can figure out how to build a sane "OpenStack Cloud" program in
short order, then awesome. But it shouldn't hold back the first program.


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