[OpenStack Foundation] Help with Condorcet/Schulze Description related to Foundation Board Elections

Monty Taylor mordred at inaugust.com
Tue Oct 15 17:40:32 UTC 2013

Hey all!

Some of us working on making a good position paper on why we think the
Concorcet is a better choice for voting. Other folks are working on a
similar thing for STV.

One of the big keys that we need is a clear and understandable
description of how it works, such that our electorate can be expected to
understand how their vote works, and also, since this is for a board of
directors, a judge needs to be able to understand whether or not our
vote was held in accordance to how we said it should be held if there
was ever an issue.

That's tricky, because the method is best described using math.
However... the fine folks at Debian gave us a head start, which I've
included. That's when I realized...

We're an Open Source project - why am I working on this by myself?

The text is here:

So, anybody who wants to pitch in on fleshing out the case for
Condorcet, please jump right on it.


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