[OpenStack Foundation] Agreement on requiring board candidates to attend the meetings, and, why didn't this dogpile dial into the last meeting?

Dave Neary dneary at redhat.com
Mon Oct 14 09:36:25 UTC 2013


On 10/11/2013 04:56 PM, Mark McLoughlin wrote:
> If I wasn't on the board, and if there was a detailed summary of the
> topics published after the meeting, then I'd read that rather than
> dialling in just to listen.

I'm not, there is (thanks Mark & Jonathan!), and I do.

I agree re the potential of disenfranchising significant chunks of the
community who are in Australia and Asia if we have an EU/American
centric view of these things. For worldwide communities, it's best to
avoid real-time meetings wherever possible.

However, if real-time meetings are considered necessary, then at least
the pain should be spread evenly - one or two meetings in the year
should be held in the EU mid-morning or the Japanese mid-morning so that
the North Americans and Europeans get to experience the 4am meeting at
least once during the year.


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