[OpenStack Foundation] openstack.org is down - why is it still hosted outside of openstack-infra?

Sean Dague sean at dague.net
Wed Nov 13 13:59:04 UTC 2013

So this morning openstack.org is down, returning 500 errors. This
remains one of the few pieces of openstack infrastructure that is not
hosted and run by the openstack-infra team. It means that fixing
openstack.org is not possible by the global development team on

I really think that needs to stop. We have a world class infrastructure
team in the community that hosts nearly everything else in
*.openstack.org. It does so across multiple openstack clouds. It does so
using the best practices of devops, with nearly everything under puppet
control. And it does so with a global team which means pretty extensive
TZ coverage (not perfect yet, but growing).

Can someone explain why openstack.org is run separately from the
openstack-infra effort, and what the plan is going forward?


Sean Dague

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