[OpenStack Foundation] HP signs the Python Software Foundation Contributor Agreement

Atwood, Mark mark.atwood at hp.com
Tue May 7 21:18:22 UTC 2013



I’m glad to announce that HP has reviewed and signed the Python Software Foundation (PSF) Contributor Agreement on an umbrella basis.  The PSF CA is very similar to the OpenStack Contributor Agreement, meaning that copyright is not transferred or assigned, but instead license is granted to the PSF to redistribute the contributions as part of the Python project.  This means that  HP employee developers may  submit code and patches to PSF covered projects, such as and especially the Python base modules and the contents of the PyPI, without separately having to sign the PSF CA themselves.


This came up as our developers were working on OpenStack, and were discovering bugs and gaps in the base Python we all build OpenStack on.  As part of HP’s commitment to OpenStack and to the open source process in general, we decided that the right thing to do was contribute fixes to the Python community, thus making both OpenStack and Python better for everyone.


I would like to encourage all of the organizational members of the OpenStack Foundation to review the PSF contributor agreement, and then sign it on an umbrella basis, or approve it for their own developer employees to sign it.  And I would like to encourage all the independent contributors to likewise sign the PSF CA.


Oh, and the PSF does good work and puts on good conferences.  They could use more corporate sponsorship.  Give them money.  Python is a foundation that OpenStack is built on.


Many thanks to Robert Collins for raising the issue and suggesting this course of action.





Mark Atwood <mark.atwood at hp.com>
Director of Open Source Evangelism for HP Cloud Services
M +1-206-473-7118


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