[OpenStack Foundation] Infra Bootcamp was a great success

Monty Taylor mordred at inaugust.com
Sun Jun 30 17:36:00 UTC 2013

Hey all!

I just wanted to write a quick note (I believe others are working on
more detailed blog posts and whatnot) about this past week's OpenStack
Infrastructure Bootcamp.

For those not following along at home, several weeks ago I put out a
call to the foundation board saying that we needed more people to pony
up human resources to help with the running of the OpenStack Developer
Infrastructure. The response back was extremely supportive and positive,
but the it quickly became apparent to us that we'd never be able to get
a flood of new folks up to speed if they all just started showing up in
IRC (we learned over the bootcamp that the architecture diagram for the
infra systems is about as complex as OpenStack itself) So we decided to
hold a 2 day bootcamp to bring all the new folks into a room and
braindump to them.

We wound up with 20 people in a Soho Loft in NYC. We had all of the
current core members, people who are active and full time on Infra but
not yet core like pleia2 and zaro, people who are active across
OpenStack including infra like sdague, dhellman and mtrenish, and then a
bunch of people with essentially no interaction with what we do to date.
If memory serves we had new folks from Dell, Cisco, Citrix, Mirantis,
vmware and HP, as well as existing folks from IBM, HP, Dreamhost and the
OpenStack Foundation.

One of the more interesting things that we did was develop a total
architecture diagram on some giant sticky notes with pens. Notes have
been taken of it and we're going to make a digital version soon - as I
think it was quite enlightening for many people.

I wanted to thank the companies involved for sending people to an
intensive bootcamp - I'm quite optimistic about the outcome we will have
gotten for that.

I'd also like to thank HP and the OpenStack Foundation for funding the
event - it turns out Soho Lofts and New York restaurants where 20 people
can eat at the same time don't grow on trees.

Finally - I'd like to tip my hat to Lauren and Claire for all of their
work on the OpenStack Summit. Arranging a 2-day 20 person event was a
lot of work, and I forced everyone to come to a place that was walking
distance from my apartment - I cannot begin to imagine all of the work
they must have to do to ensure that 5000 of us can plan OpenStack every
six months in various places around the world.

Thanks everybody!

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