[OpenStack Foundation] Board Meeting - June 27th

Jonathan Bryce jonathan at openstack.org
Fri Jun 28 12:10:24 UTC 2013

Yesterday, the Foundation Board of Directors held another telephone meeting. The agenda for the meeting can be found on the wiki: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Governance/Foundation/27June2013BoardMeeting

The first action item was approving a minor amendment to the Foundation's Certificate of Incorporation to correct an error in the 10th article covering the disposal of assets should the Foundation corporate entity ever be dissolved. The Board unanimously approved the amendment.

After that, Lauren Sell briefly introduced a draft Transparency Policy that she had been working on with our legal counsel and the Transparency Committee. There will be a mailing list discussion to finalize the Policy before it's adopted. Next Lauren and Mark Collier provided an update on the November summit in Hong Kong as well as some of the preliminary venue searches for the 2014 summits. They also discussed the activities of the Marketing Community (https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Governance/Foundation/Marketing). If you are involved in marketing with an OpenStack organization, I'd encourage you to join the Marketing Community and help out with some of the initiatives that are underway there.

Alice King, Nissa Strottman and Steve Pentlicki of the Legal Affairs Committee led a discussion on potential options for patent cooperation among OpenStack organizations. Board members are going to follow up with their individual legal and IP departments to provide feedback on the options presented. The Board approved adding Van Lindberg to the Legal Affairs Committee to replace Alice King who is stepping down as she starts her own law practice. Many thanks to Alice, who has provided legal guidance for OpenStack since the very beginning and was a leader of the drafting committee last year as the Foundation was established.

As the meeting wrapped up, the Board had brief updates on the continuing discussion around definition of core and status updates on a number of other items that are being scheduled for discussion at the next Board meetings.

The next Board meeting is scheduled for August 6th at 9:00am PDT/1600 UTC.


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