[OpenStack Foundation] Opening up the board mailing list

Mark McLoughlin markmc at redhat.com
Thu Jan 31 21:20:57 UTC 2013


There's a standing desire by some (many?) board members for the
foundation-board mailing list to be made public so that anyone can
follow their discussions.

Personally, I'd also like a way for folks who aren't on the board to
easily be able to participate in any board discussions. However, there
needs to be some way for board members to easily separate the discussion
between board members from the discussion with the wider foundation

I think of this is an "inner circle"[1] mailing list setup:

 - Two mailing lists - "inner circle" and "everyone else", lets call 
   them the IC and EE lists

 - Discussions on IC are mirrored to EE

 - IC member starts thread on IC, the thread is also started on EE

 - IC member replies to thread on IC, the reply also goes to EE

 - EE member starts thread on EE, only goes there

 - EE member replies to thread on EE, whether it was started on IC and
   EE, then the reply only goes to EE

 - IC member replies to thread on EE, the reply also goes only to EE

I've come across cases where this would be useful several times - has
anyone seen a mailman configuration that resembles this?


[1] - I'm using that term in a slightly mocking tone btw :)

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