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There is a difference between users who can help (all help is welcome!) and the actual committee itself. Comparing to the technical committee, there are PTLs and elected members which form the technical committee but many others take part.


Input/Discussions/Debate should be with the community at large but a subset of the community is needed for the final review of options and decisions (on behalf of their electorate). I don’t think It is always possible to have an ‘all users’ vote on each topic.


As I mentioned, none of this is decided yet (and comments are welcome on https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yD8TfqUik2dt5xo_jMVHMl7tw9oIJnEndLK8YqEToyo) but I think there is a need for a group of O(10) people nominated from the various constituents to act as a representative body.


BTW, all communication between members of the user committee should be public as we have already started with the initial 3 members (the archives are at http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/user-committee/)




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I'm curious why we would limit participation in the User Committee. Seems that just as in the case of the various incubated and core projects, where participation is open to anyone willing to roll up their sleeves and contribute in a meaningful way (code, testing, reviews, bug triage, docs, localization, etc.), that the User Committee should be open to anyone who considers themselves as a user, by whatever definition we might establish.


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On Jan 13, 2013, at 12:15 PM, "Tim Bell" <Tim.Bell at cern.ch <mailto:Tim.Bell at cern.ch> > wrote:


While we have not discussed the detailed structure of the user committee, a structure such as 3 reserved seats for elected user group representatives from Americas, APAC and EMEA has been mentioned. This could help funnel input and structure information cascading.




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Hi Stefano,

Is it stand for the Foundation or just discuss as APAC list? 


2013/1/11 Stefano Maffulli <stefano at openstack.org <mailto:stefano at openstack.org> >

On 01/09/2013 09:51 AM, Tim Bell wrote:

Is the aim to provide co-ordination for the OpenStack user groups
worldwide ?


That's one of the possible outcomes. The idea is to help user groups get started and continue getting ideas for their meetings. Also, one of the things we want to achieve is to give continuity to the conversations that start at the Design Summit: lots of topics get touched during the summits, blueprints are created but then between the 6 months of the release lots of these fall back into oblivion (it's normal) only to be picked up again after 6 months, with little progress made. One of the ideas thrown around is to start tracking these little discussions/blueprints and keep them hot for topics to spend at meeting/meetup time.


Ryan, JC and I have been putting together the structure for the
OpenStack user committee (as described on the foundation list at
As we have collected input from various parties, there is a proposal for
part of the committee to consist of user group representatives from
different geographies.


I think it's good to 'force' having a representation from other geographical places into the User Committee. We may need to add some formalisation also to the user groups this way.


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