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2013/1/10 Dave Neary <dneary at redhat.com>

> Hi Naryan,
> I've read your other posts too, thanks for your thoughtful response.
> On 01/10/2013 04:31 AM, Narayan Desai wrote:
>> First, let me say what I mean by users. When I talk about users, I
>> mean people who primarily consume the software and use it. Some of
>> these people will contribute back, in terms of bug reports, or perhaps
>> even bug fixes, but their primary scope of work is deployment and
>> operation of openstack.
> So you're talking about the individuals deploying and operating OpenStack
> in test and production environments? To summarise in few words, sysadmins
> and DevOps?
>  Dave, I think that my formulation of the user category is somewhat
>> orthogonal to the categories that you're talking about; conceptually
>> it is the user/dev split.
> My main issue with the user/dev split in this context is that it does not
> cover the spectrum of the OpenStack community - it does not cover people
> who are not Python coders but who (for example) provide marketing
> expertise, organisational support and budget, co-ordinating local meet-ups,
> package OpenStack for various distributions, do some of the glue work to
> make it install more easily, write documentation, work on the website and
> wiki, and so on.
> OpenStack users will, in general, be getting OpenStack from a third party,
> be it Ubuntu, Red Hat, Fedora, Suse, whatever. Or they might make an
> organisational commitment, and then the CIO would be the key decision maker
> and bridge between his DevOps team and the foundation.
> I think it would be useful for us to come up with a set of personas
> (personae?) covering the various types of "OpenStack user" - because I do
> not think that there is just one type. This would help us avoid the trap of
> using broad unqualified statements ("users often...", "these people
> usually...", "users tend to use...", "the focus of many users...").
> Who can explain the difference between the User committee and User
Group?As we have many User group already right?

>  This leaves the question, how do we effectively build out this part of
>> the ecosystem? I'm not sure that I have easy answers on this, but I
>> think that this is the key issue that the user committee needs to
>> tackle.
> I think you raise good points about the user adoption cycle, and the
> various support channels which might be useful. But deciding which channels
> to prioritise, and where to expend energy short term, requires us to
> understand what the specific needs of OpenStack users are. Personas are a
> great tool for something like this.
> Cheers,
> Dave.
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