[OpenStack Foundation] Individual Member Election Statistics (January 2013)

Vincent Untz vuntz at suse.com
Sat Feb 9 08:12:01 UTC 2013


Le vendredi 08 février 2013, à 20:52 +0100, Dave Neary a écrit :
> Hi,
> On 02/08/2013 08:37 PM, Lloyd Dewolf wrote:
> >I'm surprised Lauren Sell's results were not also run against Rackspace
> >-- I'm hopeful that would show the diversity of her base.

Interesting, I also got this comment from someone else.

> I would like to think that the OpenStack Foundation is not being
> seen as a subsidiary of Rackspace! It's very important that it be
> both independent and seen to be independent.

This is one reason I didn't look into such stats. I also don't like the
idea of focusing just on Lauren here: it would also makes sense to look
at past employers / circles of interest of each elected person in that
case. This can easily become a slippery slope.

> >That is almost a 30% drop in participation. This would be a real call to
> >action if everyone didn't already know the reality of the pool. I
> >suspect that if the affiliations where examined we would see a
> >disproportionate drop off in the affiliations where senior leadership of
> >those organizations did not make the same well-meaning encouragement for
> >participation this time around. And, of course, because of the 6+ month
> >membership requirement, there was no ability to swell the ranks of the
> >electorate before the election .
> Do we have a way to sunset memberships on a regular basis (say,
> someone is no linger a member if after 2 years they don't renew
> their membership)?


"The Secretary and the Executive Director, acting together, may, or the
Board of Directors may direct the Secretary and Executive Director to,
terminate an Individual Member as follows: (i) for violation of the
Individual Member Agreement if the violation is not cured within the
period provided in the Individual Member Agreement, (ii) for violation
of the Community Code of Conduct, or (iii) failure to vote in at least
50% of the votes for Individual Members within the prior twenty-four
months unless the person does not respond within thirty (30) days of
notice of such termination that the person wishes to continue to be an
Individual Member."

So the relevant part here is "failure to vote in at least 50% of the
votes for Individual Members within the prior twenty-four months".



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