[OpenStack Foundation] Opening up the board mailing list

Thierry Carrez thierry at openstack.org
Sat Feb 2 16:12:13 UTC 2013

Mark McLoughlin wrote:
> What I'm trying to figure out is a model where directors engage fully
> with each other in open discussions, but we also have a very active open
> discussions amongst non-directors which directors can dip in and out of.

I see where you're going... My main gripe with it is that I don't see
how the duplicate-thread-to-EE and reply-to-both-lists rules can be
enforced in the ML setup, so it will rely on people applying it.

If we can't get developers to use subject prefixes, I somehow doubt we
can get directors to follow thread replication rules between two
mailing-lists. And the discussion can quickly get messy if a subset of
people don't follow the rules.

The alternative setup doesn't depend so much on people following a copy
rule, so my impression is that it would be more successful in the end ?


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