[OpenStack Foundation] few questions

Tom Fifield fifieldt at unimelb.edu.au
Tue Apr 30 02:59:18 UTC 2013


Thanks for the good question - it is important to understand the concepts.

Unfortunately, this mailing list is just for discussion about the 
OpenStack "Foundation", so you might not get a good response from this 

Not to worry, though - recently an "Ask OpenStack" site was started:


If you post the same question there, you'll certainly get a good response!

I notice you're from New Zealand. If you're able to get to Wellington on 
Thursday, this event: http://catalystopensource.eventbrite.co.nz will 
have some people (including myself!) that will be discussing OpenStack.



On 30/04/13 12:20, Kabiraj Gaire wrote:
> Hi Community,
> When doing my OpenStack Project I have come up with some questions which
> seems very basic but I would be grateful to be conceptually sound on
> these things. My question are as follows:
> 1. When OpenStack Nova is used, does it have to use a virtual machine
> for example can I run MySQL directly  using Nova.
> 2. In OpenStack Object Storage, does this have to be programmed in a
> computer application or is it automatic for a server and its software or
> even for the program that runs without a server, i.e MySQL above.
> Sincerely
> Kabi Raj Gaire
> Nelson,New Zealand

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