[OpenStack Foundation] Notice of board meetings? -was- Re: Foundation Minutes - approval needed?

Lloyd Dewolf lloydostack at gmail.com
Wed Sep 12 02:34:28 UTC 2012

Hi Jonathan and Foundation,

Thank you for the detailed, timely response.

Once a meeting is confirmed schedule, I think that is the time to
announce it. This gives community members the best opportunity to
voice their thoughts on the topics and reach out to the board members
if they so choose, particularly the elected individuals.

For meetings scheduled ahead I'd appreciate mailing list reminders: 2
weeks out and 2 "work" days out including highlighting any
clarifications or additional details regarding the agenda.

I'd hope the minutes can be approved for publishing within a week
otherwise the content is lost to time -- as minutes have not yet been
released maybe the level of detail requires my time, but two weeks
would seem like absolute tops. Complimenting this I hope that audio
recording of the board meetings will be available within 24 hrs of the
meeting, otherwise I'm sure someone else will take it upon themselves
to release them.

You also raised the topic of "key material" for the board meeting. I
hope future wiki and communications will include information on
accessing those materials, drafts included as appropriate.

Jonathan, I'm not sure I follow your thoughts about other governance
bodies not generally publishing "type of detail [draft agendas]" ahead
of time. Is it that you are drafting publicly in the wiki? I think
like in any foundation the important detail is that foundation members
( ~public) get the detailed agenda in a timely manner once confirmed

Possibly related would be familiarizing the community (me!) on the
process for raising topics for board consideration, and petitioning
for being able to present or speak to specific topics on the agenda
(not me) ;-)

Thank you for all the continued incredible work,

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