[OpenStack Foundation] looking for a keynote speaker who can talk about openstack foundation.

Jaesuk Ahn bluejay.ahn at gmail.com
Tue Oct 30 06:46:57 UTC 2012

Dear OpenStack Foundation Members, 

OpenStack Korea User Group is planning to host an international workshop on open source cloud tech with a government agency, mainly focusing on openstack. FYI, a government agency is called NIPA (National Industry Promotion Agency). NIPA is a main government organization promoting and supporting open source software activity in Korea. 

Although OpenStack Korea User Group will cover most of workshop sessions, NIPA wants to have at least one keynote speaker from openstack foundation (or anyone active in openstack community) since this workshop is being planned as an international workshop.

Location of the workshop will be at one of the most famous conference place in Seoul (called COEX). We are targeting an workshop with 200~300 people attending. Schedule for the workshop is flexible, sometime between mid-Nov and early-Dec, 2012. 
Unfortunately, since this workshop is organized as non-profit event, we cannot provide any travel expense. We can only pay "a lecturer's fee" for a keynote speaker. 

I know it would be very difficult for anyone to visit Korea without a specific business purpose, and most of key members of openstack foundation is really busy with lots of things. 
Therefore, I am just hoping that we can find someone who are visiting Korea can contribute a bit of extra time for our community.  

If it is possible, could any of one please help us finding a keynote speaker for the workshop we are planning?
If you have any question, please let me know it. 

Best Regards, 

Jaesuk Ahn, Ph.D.
Team Leader | Cloud OS Dev. Team
Cloud Infrastructure Department
KT (Korea Telecom)
T. +82-10-9888-0328 | F. +82-303-0993-5340
Active member on OpenStack Korea Community

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