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Hui Cheng freedomhui at gmail.com
Fri Oct 26 01:24:06 UTC 2012

Hi all:

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Until now we already have tons of discussions regarding the individual
board member election, and we have some meaningful proposals from the
following discussions:****



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>From my understanding, most proposals are focusing on how to increase
the barrier for becoming individual members and limit one single
company's undue board control.****

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In the initial board election, everyone can be nominated by everyone, it is
really easy for someone to get at least 10 nominators, thus to be
a candidate, and then voting began. Thus any incapable person can be
elected in such kind of process.****

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So my major proposal is that increasing the barrier for the individuals to
be nominated. In addition, the following 3 steps are required before voting

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*1. The candidate should fill an application form to the secretary of the
foundation, to explicitly express his or her intention to be nominated. *

The application form should include some basic information/facts such as
who are you, what you have done for the community, what's your contribution
to OpenStack, etc. More importantly, the application form must be reviewed
and validated by the secretary or someone like Election Committee (seems EC
is not existed in the bylaw of foundation, hereby can be a temporary
committee consist of secretary and legal team of foundation), thus make
sure application form validated, and the contents in the form is true. If
his or her application is accepted, then go to next step.****

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*2. The candidate is required to make a public statement in the ML and
openstack.org. *

In our first election, there already has such a process in place such
as  the candidate should answer 4 questions from the secretary. However, it
was only optional.  Thus, in one case I know that someone got it away who
did not say anything about himself, his professional work before and his
future contribution plan, nor answer the 4 questions, BUT at the end, he
had even been elected. Such kind of case seems suspicious and unfair for
other more qualified candidate.****

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*3. The candidate is required to make a live or recorded video speech to
express himself, to state his understanding of OpenStack project as well
as  the mission of our foundation.*

Most of people in our community believe that the individual board members
will play a critical role to represent  the whole community, they must be
qualified enough to represent the community, through the video, the
community will be more familiar with our candidate in person, thus it will
help the individual members to make the right judgments. From
my observation, the board members are often invited to giving a speech in
his or her local regional user group meetups, and will also present in many
public cloud tech events, so he or she should has the ability, as well as
better understanding of the foundation, OpenStack projects, to promote
OpenStack and the community, to influence more and more people use
OpenStack, to involve in the community. ****

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I would love to hear more comments regarding this proposal. Thank you very

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Most sincerely,

Hui Cheng

Community Manager of COSUG
Technical Manager of Sina Corporation****

Twitter: @freedomhui****

Blog: freedomhui.com****

Weibo: weibo.com/freedomhui
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