[OpenStack Foundation] Board Meeting - October 15th

Vincent Untz vuntz at suse.com
Thu Oct 11 13:45:12 UTC 2012

Le jeudi 11 octobre 2012, à 13:35 +0100, Mark McLoughlin a écrit :
> On Thu, 2012-10-11 at 07:24 -0500, Christopher B Ferris wrote:
> > Personally, I don't think that either (2) or (3) effectively address
> > the concerns. I'd be opposed to a membership committee making such
> > decisions. 
> To be clear, the "membership committee" idea is just one way of raising
> the barrier to membership. I'm raising it as an idea because I've seen
> it work in GNOME. It can be done very inclusively, openly and
> transparently. I probably shouldn't have included it in the summary as
> it just confuses the issue. My bad.

It works rather well in GNOME, and I think it's a good model (if the
rules that the committee uses are inclusive -- which is the case in

That being said, we have a really high number of members in OpenStack,
and that would be quite an amount of work for the committee -- unless we
make it easy for the committee to find information on the applicants.
For instance, in openSUSE, we can click a few links to find if someone
is active in the project (comments in bugzilla, posts in the mailing
lists, forums, etc.). Still, there are often cases where things are not
clear and manual work is needed...

(I've been on the GNOME membership committee years ago, and also in the
similar committee for openSUSE)



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