[OpenStack Foundation] Member Profile pages November 26

Mark Collier mark at openstack.org
Wed Nov 21 18:34:00 UTC 2012

As I mentioned below, I'm finalizing the copy for the main election page now, which will go live on Monday 11/26 at this url:  https://www.openstack.org/election/2013-board-election/

Tim Bell has volunteered to help review the content and make sure it hits the mark for accuracy and completeness.  If anyone else would like to give it a read through, let me know.


On Monday, November 19, 2012 6:03pm, "Mark Collier" <mark at openstack.org> said:

> On Monday, November 26, we will be publishing public profiles for all members,
> which will include a subset of the information members provided when joining:
> - Name- Affiliation(s)- Statement of Interest- IRC Handle- Twitter Handle-
> Projects involved with- Join Date- Your Nominations- Photo (coming soon,
> optional).
> The list of members is already public on the site, so this just expands on that
> with some additional information.  I think this will be a good way to get to know
> each other better as a community.  Here is a sample profile:
> https://www.openstack.org/community/members/sample-profile/
> I'll be sending an email to all members shortly with more information. Please make
> sure your profile is up to date, including your email address so that you can
> receive member updates. Login now: openstack.org/profile
> Per the election timeline Jonathan posted, nominations will also start on Monday
> November 26th.  Once the nomination process is underway and candidates have
> received 10 nominations and filled out the application, their responses will also
> appear on their public profile.
> We are also working on an overall election page to go live 11/26 which will live
> here: http://www.openstack.org/election/2013-board-election/ and provide clear
> instructions for voters to ensure a smooth election. If anyone would like to help
> with the content for that page, let me know. I plan to start with the basic info
> from 2012 page (http://www.openstack.org/election/2012-board-election/), update
> and expand to ensure we are as clear and informative as possible.
> As a reminder, here is the overall timeline:
> Election Timeline:
> - November 26: Individual Member nominations open, election details live on
> openstack.org
> - December 7: Individual Member nominations close
> - December 14: Deadline for Individual Member Nominees to complete application
> - January 3: Gold Member Director Selector Election (1 day)
> - January 14: Individual Member Elections open
> - January 18: Individual Member Elections close
> Mark

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