[OpenStack Foundation] Board discussing how to improve the Individual Director election process, community input wanted

Tim Bell Tim.Bell at cern.ch
Mon Nov 19 11:11:58 UTC 2012

>From my reading of the bylaws 
(http://wiki.openstack.org/Governance/Foundation/Bylaws), my understanding is 
that the voters have to be registered for at least 180 days as a member before 
the election. This is different from the previous round where there was a 30 
day limit after the start of the foundation.

The nominees for individual member directors seem to have to be individual 
members in good standing.


3.9 Voting and Proxies.

(a) Each Individual Member whose effective date of membership is earlier than 
thirty (30) days after the effective date of the filing of the Certificate of 
Incorporation of the Foundation ("COI Effective Date") may vote immediately 
after he or she becomes an Individual Member. Each Individual Member whose 
effective date of membership is more than thirty (30) days after the COI 
Effective Date shall be eligible to vote 180 days after the effective date of 
his or her membership. Each Individual Member shall have one vote at any 
meeting of Individual Members and for election of the Individual Directors, 
the Individual Members shall have the option to vote for Individual Directors 
on a cumulative basis.

4.2 Number and Term of Office.
(ii) the nominee is an Individual Member in good standing,

>  - I might have missed the information, but what is the deadline to
>    apply for membership to be able to participate in those elections?
>    (as a candidate, or as voter)

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