[OpenStack Foundation] Proposals for individual board election

Bret Piatt bret.piatt at rackspace.com
Thu Nov 1 13:44:23 UTC 2012

Would I be considered a contributor to OpenStack?  I haven't written any documentation officially in the project.  I haven't committed a line of code officially in the project.  My idea of a contributor may be significantly different than what other people believe.  I am for a broad, open, inclusive community.  If people care enough about OpenStack to create an account, learn the voting process, and show up at the virtual voting booth their voice should be heard.  Creating barriers to who can and cannot have a voice is fundamentally against open.  I know we're all trying to figure this out of passion and care for the project -- we want what is best for it and what will make it successful.  So far we haven't turned people away, we haven't excluded anyone that wants to participate in the way they choose and through that process we have an amazing project we all get to be part of -- from the foundation staff, to the PTLs, to the 24 members of our elected and appointed board, to guys like me that do what we can and participate in ways we believe we can help.

Bret Piatt

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On 10/31/2012 01:33 PM, Tim Bell wrote:
> It is an interesting question to define 'contribution'. There are many ways
> other than committing code that people help with OpenStack.
> Any suggestions on how to define a contributor ?

This has been debated in many communities before. Here is of the best
I've seen - Contribution can be documentation, community management,
etc. Anything that helps the project and is recognised to be valuable
enough that the individual can gain karma over a period of consistently
providing value to the project (OpenStack). That is the current
committing population and board need to agree that the contribution is
valuable and a track record of contribution exists.


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