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I think that shared resources are a key part of the foundation's role, and love the idea of having reference platforms for testing (quality, scale, compatibility are all testing areas I would imagine would benefit).  I'll work on weaving that in and also keep it in mind as we pull resource estimates together.  

Thanks Soren


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2012/1/5  <mark at openstack.org>:
> To kick things off I've created a Foundation page on the wiki and published a "Foundation Mission" draft for comment as well a a rough timeline for the next couple of months:  http://wiki.openstack.org/Governance/Foundation

I've always imagined the foundation would be responsible for ensuring
that developers will have access to a set of reference platforms for
testing as well as ensuring that we have relatively continuous access
to means for conducting large-scale testing.

Can you weave that in there somehow?

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