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Soren Hansen soren at linux2go.dk
Thu Jan 5 11:23:31 UTC 2012

2012/1/5 Jonathan Bryce <jonathan at openstack.org>:
> To adapt Mark Twain, rumors of the death of the foundation are greatly
> exaggerated. = )  I hadn't actually heard that rumor yet and don't know
> where it would be coming from, so thanks for bringing it up so we can
> address.

The only e-mail on this list from anyone in a position to say anything
with any amount of authority is one from Mark from almost three months


I don't think we can blame anyone for thinking the effort is moribund,
if not actually dead an buried.

> So what can you do? Once the documents are posted, we really want
> feedback from everyone on them. As they're posted and we get feedback,
> we'll refine them and post final versions on the website.

I really don't understand this process at all.

If all these documents are written by Rackspace after receiving feedback
and maybe revising the documents based on said feedback, I predict
they'll have an incredibly short life span.

Presumably, once established, the foundation will be able to change any
and all parts of its constitution, right? If so, why does all of this
need to come out of closed group at Rackspace to begin with, if the
first order of business for the newly elected foundation is to go
through the mission statements, etc. and adjust them according to what
*everyone* in the community wants them to be?

Can't we just define the basic, *initial* structure of the foundation
and have an election? Something like:

	This is the OpenStack foundation.  There's a board. The board has 9
    members. The board's job is define the structure and mission of the
    OpenStack foundation before June 1st 2012.  Anyone can be elected
    for the board. Every individual who has contributed to OpenStack can

..and then have the election.

The only thing worse than over-engineering something is over-engineering
something that will be discarded the second it's implemented.

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