[OpenStack Foundation] Linux Foundation as an inspiration

Mark McLoughlin markmc at redhat.com
Fri Jan 13 16:55:51 UTC 2012


This article was re-tweeted by the OpenStack twitter account:


(I'm guessing that it must be somewhat accurate if it was re-tweeted :-)

  "Interestingly, Collier said the mission statement of the OpenStack
  Foundation was influenced by the mission statement of another such

  The Linux Foundation's mission was a inspiration for the theme of the
  mission statement," Collier said. Some elements of the Linux
  Foundation's mission statement fit well for the OpenStack Foundation,
  he said."

I'd see the Linux Foundation as a radically different organization from
what I'd like to see for the OpenStack foundation e.g.

  - the Linux project is completely independent from the Linux 
    Foundation, the latter is just there to support and promote the 

    the project has a benevolent dictator who decides a release 
    schedule, where the code repositories live, what the policies of 
    the project are etc.

    OpenStack clearly doesn't (yet) have such a dictator (benevolent or 
    otherwise) so I had assumed the foundation board would assume
    ultimate responsibility for the project, but delegate a lot of it to
    a PPB or technical steering committee or the PTLs

  - individual Linux contributors aren't members of the foundation. 
    Membership is split into gold/silver/bronze classes depending on 
    how much you pay

So, could someone highlight which elements of the Linux foundation wiki
are a good fit for OpenStack?


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