[OpenStack Foundation] Foundation Mission Update

Mark Collier mark at openstack.org
Wed Feb 8 17:16:43 UTC 2012

On 2/5/12 12:20 PM, "Lloyd Dewolf" <lloydostack at gmail.com> wrote:

>Hi Mark,
>This is awesome! This is among the best mission statements I've seen.
>If I could suggest a couple general areas for consideration:
>* Is there a way to define what users mean in the context of the mission?

That is a tough one.  I'm not sure.

>* The scope is focused on developers and users -- not that I disagree
>that "code talks" -- the mission could better speak to the myriad ways
>that people participate in highly valued ways including testing,
>documenting, translating, educating, facilitating, financing,
>training, supporting, evangelizing, designing, and art making. We can
>differentiate OpenStack by better recognizing and celebrating all

I agree it's always good to emphasize the many ways in which contributors
are valued, so I added your list to help illustrate the point under the
"values" section.  

>Related to this, I'd suggest removing "technical" from
>"Respecting the meritocracy which guides technical decision making"


>In terms of specific copy, the only phrase that might be a little
>awkward is "Educate user community on project roadmap and ensure it's
>consistent with real user needs". "Educate <group>" can come across as
>inherently negative, is focused on a specific product artifact as
>opposed to OpenStack, and that phrase is not as potent as "Users to
>have access to great software and provide feedback and input on the
>direction". Would it make sense to make that the bullet point in the
>mission. Then maybe an updated version of the "Education user..." can
>be moved to the Empowering section.

Good suggestion.  I made some edits long those lines.  Let me know what
you think.

>Thank you,

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