[OpenStack Foundation] Foundation Mission Update

Lloyd Dewolf lloydostack at gmail.com
Sun Feb 5 18:20:09 UTC 2012

Hi Mark,

This is awesome! This is among the best mission statements I've seen.

If I could suggest a couple general areas for consideration:

* Is there a way to define what users mean in the context of the mission?

* The scope is focused on developers and users -- not that I disagree
that "code talks" -- the mission could better speak to the myriad ways
that people participate in highly valued ways including testing,
documenting, translating, educating, facilitating, financing,
training, supporting, evangelizing, designing, and art making. We can
differentiate OpenStack by better recognizing and celebrating all
participants. Related to this, I'd suggest removing "technical" from
"Respecting the meritocracy which guides technical decision making"

In terms of specific copy, the only phrase that might be a little
awkward is "Educate user community on project roadmap and ensure it's
consistent with real user needs". "Educate <group>" can come across as
inherently negative, is focused on a specific product artifact as
opposed to OpenStack, and that phrase is not as potent as "Users to
have access to great software and provide feedback and input on the
direction". Would it make sense to make that the bullet point in the
mission. Then maybe an updated version of the "Education user..." can
be moved to the Empowering section.

Thank you,


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