[openstack-community] Recognising Ops contributions

Edgar Magana edgar.magana at workday.com
Wed Mar 2 22:37:00 UTC 2016

Dear Users and Operators,

The Foundation User Committee [1] has received multiple requests to enable a formal recognition of your contributions to the OpenStack community. This email is our approach to formalize this recognition and make sure that we all feel and are part of the community.

There are many ways that OpenStack users contribute to the community beyond standard patches.

For a long time, Ops have been asking for something on their summit badge to recognise their efforts. An ATC-equivalent that we can rally around; and when you look down and see it on someone else, a common understanding that you're both in this together trying to make OpenStack a better place and a community for all of us.

We want to make this a reality by gathering a list of criteria that we as a community feel that shows someone  has demonstrated technical contributions, using their skills as Ops. Our current ideas are as follows:

  *   Moderating a session at an Ops meetup
  *   Filing a detailed bug, tagged 'ops', that gets fixed
  *   Filling out the user survey (including a deployment)
  *   Making contributions to ops-tags and/or OSOps repositories
  *   Being an active moderator on Ask OpenStack
  *   Actively participating in a user commitee working group
  *   Contributing a post to Superuser magazine
  *   Giving a presentation or track chairing for the Operations track at the conference
  *   Hosting OpenStack Meetups

Here's what we would like to happen:

  1.  We discuss and converge on these initial criteria and make a list of eligible members
  2.  If we can pull this off in time, we've arranged to get some kind of mention of the status on your conference badge in Austin
  3.  Assess how it goes for Austin and the six month period that follows, then iterate to success, including offering ATC-similar registration codes at the Barcelona summit

We are really looking forward to receiving your feedback.

Kind Regards,
The OpenStack User Committee.


Why not leverage ATC?
This is an easier way to get started. There's obvious overlap in the principles here, but it just does not look possible to get any changes done to ATC quickly. Additionally, though Ops and devs are one community working together, and we will continue to encourage Ops to contribute code, documentation or translation contributions to the repos, there is also a need to allow Ops to recognise one another and work with those whom have similar jobs.

I want a free summit pass now!
Right now, we're just defining the concept and putting a recognition on the badge for Austin. There's a financial impact of offering free passes, so we need to do this carefully, look at how many people qualify, and tweak for Barcelona but our main goal is to fairly distribute as many passes as possible.

This needs a catchy name.
Yes, yes it does. Suggestions?

How long does the status last?
About six months.

Why isn't the bar higher?
This is designed as an *inclusive* label, rather than an *exclusive* one. We have to strike a balance between a reasonable demonstration of contribution, the ability to track that demonstration, and making sure that a reasonable effort to contribute falls into that.

How will this be implemented?
Basically, in your Foundation profile, we already collect some things - for example, whether you've given a presentation at the conference. The first step is to get these other demonstrations of contribution stored in that database. The second step is to generate a list of qualified folks so we can use that for the badge printing. The third step is to display some of this information on Stackalytics, which already consumes the Foundation profile to some extent.

The User Committee references:
[1] https://www.openstack.org/foundation/user-committee/
[2] https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Governance/Foundation/UserCommittee
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